On this page you will find links to websites and information that are helpful to aspiring, novice and advanced radio hams alike. If you would like to contribute to this page, please send your links and tips to the webmaster


BYLARA – www.bylara.org.uk
CLARA - www.clarayl.ca
ALARA – alara.org
YLFRANCE – yls.ref-union.org/
(press the Union Jack for English translations)
NZWARO – www.qsl.net/zl6yl
SYLRA – www.qsl.net/sylra/
Brazil YL - brasilyl.blogspot.com/
(use the translate button under the globe for English)
Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA) – www.guides-on-the-air.co.uk/
Worked All Britain – wab.intermip.net/default.ph
Join in on Niece Haynes' Blog Here: -KA1ULN.BLOGSPOT.COM
QSL Cards From the Past - www.oldqslcards.com/




YL YouTube



Free online FCC ham radio license practice tests

These license tests are a great tool for aspiring hams(ters) to test their knowledge before writing their tests. There are randomly generated practice exams for all three license classes in the U.S. as well as for the Canadian and New Zealand ham radio exams. Online help topics are provided for many of the exam questions. The list of help topics is constantly growing. Users can track their test scores, as well as a count of how many of the question pool questions they've practiced over time. In addition to random practice exams, users can automatically practice exams with questions they haven’t seen yet in each sub-element group, or questions they haven’t gotten correct in each sub-element group.


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This is a very interesting article on Solar Flares and HF Propagation. Please click FDIM81 for PDF. 

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I learned quite a bit from this video.... I knew the basics, but not the latter part. Please watch it all the way through- it could save you.

This is very good information for all of us. Please watch and listen.

Downed Power Lines