I write for a Canadian National Magazine called The Canadian Amateur. The name of the column is YL News and Views and I am asked by OMs why I put 33 down at the bottom of my column. So being very tired of answering the question, I decided to put this poem on both websites. One of the YLs gave this to me and it is so very appropriate.

The Birth of 33

Clara had her ticket

She also had a rig

Because she was just startin

It wasn't very big

She slowly tuned the crystal,

And watched the meter drop.

Then tapped the key a couple times

To be sure it wouldn't stop.

Now everything was ready,

She called a short CQ

And received an answer

On thirty-six sixty -two.

They chewed the fat "bout stuff and things.

"bout dresses, work and dates.

They finally called it QRT

the girl sent eighty-eights.

Clara though it might be funny

Whether it be Miss or Mrs.

To end a perfect QSO

by sending "Love and Kisses"

It sounds too sentimental;

Just a little too much "goo"

To be sending "Love and Kisses"

to a girl the same as you.

For an entire week she pondered;

Wouldn't even touch the rig.

She pushed her slide rul by the hour,

Employing "logs" and "trig"

She added and subtracted.

What could the answer be?

To reach a happy medium

Twixt eighty-eight and seventy-three.

Clara finally looked up from her work

All smiles and not forlorn.

Twas July in Nineteen Forty

that thirty-three was born.

There's no real definition

Bit it's meaning is known well.

It's how a YL says good evening

To another friend YL.


Author Unknown.