Winona Cobb KN1YBH

In the year 1961 my grandmother Winona Cobb and her son Dana G Cobb both earned their Novice class Amateur Radio Licenses. Winona was KN1YBH. Dana’s callsign was KN1RQF.

My mom Theresa S Cobb got her Novice class license in 1975, her call sign was WN1TTK.   My dad continued and earned his Extra class license. His call sign was K1RQ and was active for over 50 years.

My dad Dana Cobb, K1RQ, became a Silent Key in November 2016.  Since then I have studied and taken all three exams Technician, General and Extra so that I could request my dads' callsign  to honor him and keep it in the family.


James, WB1EYM

My husband Brian and his father James got their technician class licenses in 1977.  Brian’s call sign was WB1EYL, now NJ1F and his dad James was WB1EYM.

In February 2017, I began the journey of getting licenses by taking the technician class license and passing it in Florida at the Orlando Hamcation. I received my call sign of KD2MYR three weeks later.

At the time my dad, paternal grandmother, mom, and my husband took their exams they were also required to know Morse code. As am I sure you all know they have since done away with the Morse code requirement for all class of licenses. My mother and I requested to have my dad’s call sign cancelled. So it could be reissued to me.

Kate, KD2PEM

The funny thing about this story is: I met my husband Brian years ago when he and other hams would come to my father’s house to “play radio” my dad was into DX contesting. I met Brian when I was around 13-14 years old. At the time, I had NO interest in ham radio!

In fact, I said I was never marrying a Ham, I am never getting a license, I am never going to have towers in my backyard, my dad had three. I spent my weekends having to watch him as he would climb each tower to make repairs. I was the ground crew, NOT a fun time for a teenager!

And in the end I ended up doing all three. My dad left my husband 200 feet of tower and various antenna’s etc when he and my mom moved to Florida. We hope to build a new house next year when our daughter Kate, KD2PEM, graduates from Grad school and gets her MBA from Sacred Heart University.


As of June 2, 2018, I finally was issued my dad’s callsign. I am now K1RQ!  Last weekend my husband and I participated as rovers in the ARRL June VHF contest. I must admit I was really nervous. Especially since my dad always would say when I was a kid, “DON’T TOUCH THE RADIO.”  If only he knew, I wonder what he would have thought? Not only was I issued his callsign, but I got to finally touch his radio! I miss my dad, I hope in the end he would be proud of me.

This past February our daughter Kate, age 22 took the technician class exam and passed her call sign is KD2PEM. The funny thing is that my husband made a monetary bet our daughter could not pass the test. If he had told me at the time I would have told him NEVER bet against your GRAD school daughter! If she wants something bad enough she will “Cram” for it.

Kate learned the necessary information in about 5 hours in one day. It took me 2 months! 
It is interesting to note, that my daughter could apply for her Paternal grandfather James Szewczyk’s callsign WB1EYM as they both hold a technician class license and James is a “Silent Key”.

By Susan Cobb Szewczyk
K1RQ, formerly
Saratoga Springs, NY