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District 1 YLs


May 2019 we just had 1 of 2 hamfest at Deerfield NH (
First weekend in May and October. I met a few district 1 and district 2 YLs.
May 2019 - first time I am going to Hamvention 17-19 in Xenia/Dayton.
I will be going to contest  university Thursday and   VE'ing   for the  rest.
I am staying with a YL I cannot wait to meet. KC9YL.
Also YUKI - 7K4TKB/AG6SL is meeting us  from  JAPAN
June 2019 I am hoping more and more YLs are working at any field day site.
Just go there and look to see what is happening.
Summer 2019 YLs please let's support each other. BUDDY-UP.
for  the  buddy-up information check :Buddy-up
October 2019 I am hoping to start my YLOA (YL On the Air) Sprint. Watch my blog
If  any  YL has  any questions/comments/suggestions  PLEASE  call /email me.
we  are  in this  together.
YLs  I am  truly into  antennas  please  check  my blog  for the  antennas  page.
I have a    6  Meter  moxon that is a  killer.... if you want  I can  send you  most  of the
elements  to build it.   let's  chat.
33  Niece