Michelle Carey W5MQC

District 5 YLs

Welcome to 2019!

What an exciting year to be a YL in district 5! This year is the year of kit building. I know some of you are experts at that. This year we have two district 5 meet ups. One in Texas and one in Oklahoma. We will also be at the following hamfests: Ham-Com, Ham Holiday and Hamarama.

Mark your Calendar

YLRL District 5 get together May 17-19, 2019

Where: Susan Moody, k5YNC QTH  857 Childress Road, Saint Jo Texas 76265
Located in the Red River Valley, 6 miles North of Saint Jo Texas.  Susan’s and her husband are owners of a wood-fired Italian restaurant called Ancient Ovens.

Set up for the special event station will begin on Friday evening, May 17.  YLs will get to up radios, antennas, tents etc, all with the help/mentoring of other YLs. We will call CQ using the YLRL Club's call sign (K4LMB/5) honoring the 8Øth Anniversary of the YLRL.

Dry camping is available—bring your trailer, RV, or tent….Susan will have a tent that will sleep about eight set up.  Bring your own camping gear.
The restaurant has restrooms and water.  Local hotels to stay for those not wanting to camp

  1. The Veranda Inn- Nocona, Texas
  2. Red River Station Inn-Nocona, Texas
  3. Texas Kings Hotel-Saint Jo, Texas

Things to do (when not on the radio):
Local Wineries/Breweries:

  1. Arche Winery:
  2. Blue Ostrich Winery:
  3. 4R RanchWinery:
  4. Nocona Brewery:

Places to Eat:

Muenster Saint Jo Nocona
Doc’s Lazy Heart DQ
Rhomers Ancient Ovens-Evening only
Rico’s Windmill Grill
Sonic DQ

Susan’s restaurant Ancient Ovens will be opened Friday and Saturday nights during operation hours.  Ancient Ovens is RSVP only and BYOB.  Reservations will be available for May 2019 at the end of March www.AncientOvens.com for information.

YLRL District 5 Get together Oct 4-6

Our 2nd Meetup will have us back at the USS Batfish Oct 4-6.  We will be calling CQ in memory of the USS Seawolf.  We are booked for 2 nights (Fri-Sat) on board the Submarine. More information will be available as we get closer to the date.

District 5 Photos

  Uss Batfish   USS Batfish   Uss Batefish   USS Batfish  
USS Batefish
The Crew
  USS Batefish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish   USS Batfish  
USS Batfish
The Pipes
Day is Done