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Barbara Kayton, VK3AGU/KC2KLF, (Australia) - I have to admit I am not as involved in radio here in Australia as I was in the US. Fortunately, my husband is and I've still got my little hand-held and a ra-dio in the car. Currently I am focusing on pottery and have my first pieces back from the glaze kiln. I want to get back into horseback-riding and also a little bit of sailing and flying. It's a bit of a challenge due to mobility and health issues, but I am persevering. It's now officially Summer here, which is still very odd to me for Christmas-time!

Janet, M0JMP, (England) - I hope to set up a shack here in UK again sometime next year. I've spent the last year settling back into my home here, having spent the last fifteen years in Malawi as 7Q7YL. It has been a long year as I lost my husband, Brian 7Q7BP/G3MRC, just before my return, but with the help of many friends I have managed. Greetings and best wishes. 73 and 88.

Threeza Aniceto, DW3TRZ, (Philippines) - As of Dec.2, 2018, I am still the LONE "DW" Prefix in the MasterDX SuperPartialCheck SPC by Stu Philips, K6TU, since I became active on the HF Bands in 2014 (40M/15M and 10M license allocations). Aside from DXing/Contesting and making "MABUHAY" x-stitched call for Amazing Young Ladies on earth 🙂
I am writing/contributing for our national organization for amateur’s website which covers mostly BA-SICs on Ham Radio in Tagalog/English for the newly licensed Pinoy Hams. (Philippine Amateur Radio Assoc. PARA My callsign page is always updated/modified for the in-coming souvenir pictures of Amazing YLs who received their x-stitched call. ( ). Just GOOGLE "DW3TRZ" and most of my amateur radio activities will pop up on your screen. Cheers! Hope to see you on the air soon... 33 & MABUHAY !!!

Tuulikki Hartikainen, OH7XX/OH7YL, (Finland) - We are having the darkest time of the year. Every day daytime is shorter than yesterday was. Soon this is over on 23rd of December, after that daytime will be every day longer than yesterday was. In summer we don´t have night at all, sun is shining also at night. I don´t have radios now because I´m living now in an apartment house and cannot have antenna. I have been member of YLRL since March 1st, 1985.

Vjollca, Z61VB, (Kosovo) – Greetings from the other part of the globe-Republic of Kosovo - Z6 country. I am the president of the Amateur Radio Association of Kosovo - SHRAK. This month, I am going to introduce the HAM Radio Library, a set of most comprehensive literature on amateur radio communications that was donated by YASME foundation this year (2018) to the new HAMs for their better education on radio communications. They have already started to be active on the air with the 6 radios that have been donated by Kip Edwards, W6SZN, now a si-lent key, unfortunately. Kip was a great man, a HAM, and above all a very gener-ous person. He was a former board member of YASME Foundation, who unfortu-nately passed away recently. We were very touched with his generosity and hu-manity and were very sad to hear he passed away. May his soul rest in peace, while the HAMs of Kosovo shall always remember his great HAM spirit and the great support he did in supporting the new HAM spirit in the other part of the globe. The radios and the books are excellent for this purpose Wishing all the XYL and YLs wonderful and happy end of year holidays, Merry Christmas and many, many DXes :):) 33 & 88

Tina, DL1ICB, (Germany) has been a HAM since 2000, she is QRV on the HF Bands. Tina is most in-terested in DXCC, IOTA, LH, WWFF and DX - YLs . Her QTH is Nature Park Frankenwald Bava-ria DLFF-060 as a fixed Station Resident. Skeds are welcome. vy 33

Marietjie, ZS6CEZ, (Thabazimbi, South-Africa) - We experience heat waves and very hot. My radio’s is not connected and close to an airport but love to read the magazines of the YL Harmonics. Have a great Christmas. 73 88 33 Marietjie and guide-dog ABRA

Evelyne, F5RPB, (France) – Evelyne has been having email troubles. She has met Rose Marie and her husband in Iceland for SYLARA. Evelyne, 81, likes to work CW and has been a YLRL member since the meeting on the Queen Mary in 1999. Last summer she spent one week on the Island of Noirmoutie. 15 YLs, 2 from Iceland, 4 from Germany, and 4 from Swit-zerland, we had a nice time together operating as TM64YL. She enjoys a nice wintertime with 14C (57F) temperatures in the afternoon. “I wish you a nice Christmastime. Best regards from south of France!”