Alaska Pacific Preparedness Net

1630 UTC (0830 Alaska Standard time)

Monday Evening YL Nets

YL NTX Weekly Net meets weekly on Mondays at 8pm on 145.39 - 167.9 tone
Please contact Allison, KG5BHY - for Echolink Information  HERE

DX-YL Net Monday 1500 UTC 14.280 - 14.290 or 21.400 after trying 20 m. Net controls: W1JX and GM4YMM

Tuesday Evening YL Echolink Net 

Echolink *World*  IRLP 9251

YL Edition  of the World Friendship Net
Tuesdays at 5PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern

Website for the nets is  CLICK HERE

YL Net – HF on 20m – 14.288MHz

Every Wednesday evening 21:00 (9pm) Eastern (0100 UTC in Summer and 0200 UTC in Winter) on 14.288MHz or thereabouts. Anne WB1ARU or Margaret AE7MB is net control.

Thursday YL Nets

Tangle Net  

1800 UTC
Pat K7DUC - net control
Nancy KC2ZRY - assistant net control

Hopefully this will be a better frequency for the Tangle.  Thanks everyone.

FYI to gals who check in (or try to check in) to the Tangle Net, on Thursdays at 1800Z--This net will resume on Sept. 3rd.  Hope to hear you on frequency.  Nancy, KC2ZY will be net control.

There are several YL nets happening every Thursday evening

one on HF and 2 on Echolink. We encourage all Young Ladies, or YLs, to participate! We would like to thank the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) for the use of their Echolink Conference Node for the Echolink YL Nets.

For more information on ALARA, please visit  here

For more information on how to use Echolink and download it, please visit here or you may reach out to Catherine AC4YL at or Melanie AG4YL at who will be happy to assist you!

YL-OP Net ~ Echolink ALARA Conference Node 286905

  • Every Thursday evening at 20:00 (8pm) Eastern (0000 UTC Summer and 0100 UTC Winter).
  • Please connect to the net on Echolink through the ALARA Conference Server, Node 286905. Net Control is Catherine AC4YL or Melanie AG4YL.
  • We invite all YLs from around the world to join in, so please tell your YL friends and club members to join us each and every Thursday!
  • OMs are always welcome to listen, but we kindly ask that only YLs check into the net.
  • See you on the net! - 33 de Catherine AC4YL
  • MINOWs NetEcholink ALARA Conference Node 286905
  • Every Thursday evening 19:30 (7:30pm) Pacific (20:30 (8:30pm) Mountain, 21:30 (9:30pm) Central, 22:30 (10:30pm) Eastern) on the ALARA Echolink Conference node 286905. (0230 UTC in Summer, 0330 UTC in Winter)
  • MINOWs – YLs living in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington. All YLs welcomed on the net!

YLRL DIGITAL MODES ~YL digital mode net is on hold

PSK31 and FT8/FT4

  • Let’s set aside Saturday mornings at 10 am for the YL DIGITAL MODES, PSK31 and FT8/FT4. We MUST limit this to 60 minutes only.
    First 15 minutes we use VOICE on HF 14.288 just to make sure to have a HELP session.  A couple of install/help questions answered here. If you can mail them to me before the session that would give us more time for digital modes.
  • Then we move to 14.070 for PSK31.  Suggested software is FLDIGI. You can download from download FLDIGI.  I will make sure you get on and able to call cq and answer another ham.
  • Then at 10:30 lets move to 14.074 for FT8 you can download software from download wsjtx FT8.   Make sure your com ports are setup correct one for CAT and one for PTT (very important).
  • A  deep description of both modes psk31 and ft8/ft4 can be found on the link amateur radio digital modes.

If you have ANY questions please forward them to Niece
see you Saturday mornings.

Here are Some Other Nets You May be Interested In


Day:  Thursday evening
Time:  18:30 UTC
Band   80m
Frequency  3.688